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Instead of having a traditional office space that you are tied down to by a fixed term contract of a few years, serviced office allows you to pay on a month-by-month basis. This is exceptionally beneficial to start-up companies/business as lesser financial commitments are involved.
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Serviced Office - All You Need to Know

10 Jan Serviced Office: All You Need to Know

If you own a business or starting one up, you have to know what is a serviced office as it will change your financial and business aspects positively.

It is a fully functional and furnished office room that provides you privacy and comfort for productive work with flexible leasing agreements. Serviced office also provides administrative services, meeting room, telecommunication support, security system, pantry and much more.


1. Short-term rental
Instead of having to pay for a long-term office space with a fixed termed contract of 2 years or more, serviced office offers a shorter contract for starters.

2. Lesser Financial Commitment
Only pay for what you need
Instead of purchasing a photocopying machine which is costly and may not be of use often, serviced office provides it and you will only have to pay when you use it. If you need a meeting room, simple pay for the hours needed.

Save up on miscellaneous cost
Cost to hire cleaners, purchase tea-bags whenever it’s out, repairing that leaking pipe or air-conditioner, these are some of the many miscellaneous cost you can save on in a serviced office.

Hassle-free renovation
You can save up on all the cost required to renovate and build your workspace as it is completed before you move in. If there are changes you want to make, you can always (remove) easily configure the room and rearrange the furniture as you like them. If you need a bigger workspace as your business grows, just request to change to a bigger room or take up more rooms in the same unit.

As time passes, equipment like photocopying machine and air-conditioner will malfunction and requires repair works or replacement to be done. This means more money has to be spent. However, all these are taken care by the serviced office, not you.
This is exceptionally beneficial for start-up companies/business as there are lesser financial commitments are involved.

3. Move-in Quick
Unlike a traditional office space where you have to furnish and decorate the interior, purchase all necessary things, settle telephone lines and much more, serviced office provides it all. This means there will be no downtime when moving in, which will ensure it won’t affect your business flow. You can focus on growing your business without worrying when the construction of your office will be completed, or if your telephone lines are set up and more.

4. Concierge Services
A serviced office has a team of staff that keeps your workspace running such as secretarial support, answering calls and handling mails. This helps you reduce cost and time in hiring and training full-time staff, while increasing your productivity.

5. Increase Networking Opportunities – Co-Working
Serviced office will enhance your networking opportunities as you get to meet people of different industries, (remove) different businesses residing in the same unit. This provides opportunities for you to cross sell, expose yourself to different professionals of different industries, (remove, repetitive) discuss ideas and be inspired, get creative and expand your social circle.

Well basically, anyone!

If you are an entrepreneur who is starting up a business or already have an established business, a serviced office can help you be cost effective which will benefit you greatly.

Not only small medium enterprises should consider looking into a serviced office, larger businesses can also benefit from it in several ways. Companies that have a specific/temporary project team can house this team in a serviced office instead of taking up space in the main office. Companies that have overseas counterparts coming over for a period of time can also be placed in a serviced office.

Business owners who work from home can also look into a serviced office as it provides essential office equipment and administrative support when needed.  Oh!  And did we mention that you can do away with those distractions at home?

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