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Rent a new fully-furnished Office Space for your business today with concierge services that helps you to enhance your business to greater height.
Serviced Office, Virtual Office, Short-term Office Space Rental, Seminars/Meeting Rooms
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About Us


CoWerkz – Your Strategic Offices, harbors a set of values in Cooperation, Co-work, Co-exist, Coordination, where in harmony and positive spirit of business, our clients thrive in our office spaces while using our services.


The colours of yellow, amber and red are prominent in the national plant of Canada, the maple tree leaf. In different seasons, the maple tree presents beautiful spectacles like no other trees and succeeds in a show of productive strength in winter when its sap becomes a useful product. These values of charisma, resilience and productivity are represented in the three colours.


CoWerkz is a brand that is created by a group of business owners who specialise in property investments. This brand of business creates attractive Service Office spaces in vibrant areas of Singapore. In CoWerkz, our suite of services cater to a wide range of client requirements from Office Space Rental to Virtual Office service, and also includes Company Incorporation or Company Set Up services for any foreign client who needs to start a new company in Singapore.


We give attention to details and always strive to provide good quality services at reasonable cost. Our office spaces are thoughtfully and professionally designed by qualified and experienced interior designers in order to enhance a client’s office experience. Our people are friendly and personable and yet well trained to provide helpful assistance.


In CoWerkz – Your Strategic Offices, we always give full dedication to our clients all year round.